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A Word From Our Pastor

Rev. Patrick D. Clayborn, Ph.D.

Senior Pastor

God gave me a dream in June 2016 - approximately three months before being appointed as pastor of Bethel. In the dream, I was preaching in a church I had never seen before. As I preached, I uttered the phrase  “my previous church in Alabama.” That phrase alerted me to the idea that this dream was about a church I would pastor in the future. Then the service evolved into a bible study and then into a church meeting. At that time, I did not hear what I was saying. However, the large number of congregants demonstrated their agreement.


Afterward, we all went outside the church, and there was a new building sitting across the street from the church. The streets were filled with people cheering as we prepared to enter the new building. There were two people in the dream that I saw quite clearly: one woman with a red dress and red hat and one woman with blond hair and glasses.
Upon being invited to be the pastor of Bethel, my wife and I prayed to see if this was God’s will for us. We looked at Bethel’s website and saw that this was the church I had seen in my dream. I took that as Divine confirmation and accepted the appointment as pastor of Bethel.

This dream is not just a divine indication that I am supposed to be the pastor of Bethel; it is also a sign that refurbishing 505 W. Lanvale St. is our assignment in this season. The dream also foretells that the ministry we will do in that building will touch both our church and our surrounding community.

Thus, I have chosen to name the renovation efforts as R.I.S.E.  - Restoring Individuals through Service and Engagement. The biblical image of the lame man in Acts 3 begging for alms from Peter and John serves as our motivation. After hearing the man’s request, Peter tells him that he has no money, but he does have the name of Jesus. He commands the man in the name of Jesus to RISE and walk. Peter and John serve this lame man through a ministry of engagement.


My prayer is that every lame and broken thing under Bethel’s care will RISE!!!! My dream points to our starting place; we will begin R.I.S.E. with 505 W. Lanvale St.Please pray that God’s vision will come to pass. Please pray that our entire church receives God’s vision. Please pray that our community will embrace God’s vision. Finally, I ask that you pray to see what you will sacrifice to make this vision a reality. Bethel needs your help. If we all work together with a unified heart and mind toward the vision of God, we will see the glory of God shower down on 505 W. Lanvale St.Let’s do it together!!!


Let’s RISE!!!!!!  #505ontheRISE #ImOnTheRISEwithBethel #BethelOnTheRise

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